Adobe Lightroom update and how to fix it.

October 26, 2015 - sg-admin - Lightroom Weddings

Adobe Lightroom is a bloated, overweight monster that is costing me precious time and money.

Well, I have been pulling my hair out with Adobe Lightroom over the last few months.

I am a monthly Adobe subscriber and pay for the use of Lightroom CC and Photoshop.

What was once an efficient and powerful photo editing application, is now a bloated slow overweight monster and it has been like wading through mud working with it.

Despite having extremely powerful PCs to run this, many updates have just slowed it down to an almost unusable crawl recently and I’m not the only one complaining. Adobe has been lazy and inefficient in dealing with this and despite an outcry from the professional photography world, they still have not fixed this.

A complete and total rewrite is in order.

With several reinstalls, testing on 3 seperate PCs, using the catalog in different folders, upgrading the Hard-Drives to SSD, combining folders, splitting folders, splitting catalogs, standing on one leg while holding my breath for 30 seconds and the seemingly failsafe recommendation from Adobe ..”untick the “Use GPU”” and restart Lightroom. I mean..come on Adobe!!! You implement the use of the Graphics Card in LR and you’re now telling people to disable it? -.-

Once I have finished with 2015’s weddings, seeking an alternative photo processing suite is no 1 on my “to do” list.

I am currently running behind with my processing of 2015 weddings and for this, I must apologise. This has been largely due to Adobe Lightroom. I am working tirelessly, from approximately 8am until late in the evening. I am unable to work any quicker due to the limitations of current technology (and yes Adobe Lightroom..I’m still glaring at you).

Possible Fix

Eventually, I ended up rolling back to a previous version of LR – The links and details can be found here:

I then disabled all the PLug-Ins from accessing File > Plug-In Manager – and disabled Behance, Nikon, Canon & Leica Tether Plug-Ins, Facebook and Flickr PLug-Ins. I then accessed my Creative Cloud APP and went into the Preferences tab ( the settings cog on the same line as “Creative Cloud” logo and then into the “Creative Cloud” tab and disabled all syncing.

The rollback and disabling the plug-ins has made a noticeable improvement.



  • HI Simon, Crazy right!!! I have felt this way since I signed onto CC and the new release came out. I really want to have a constructive discussions with Adobe about specifically what is happening however, Engineers deal in solid data so its tough for me to just say to them that is “seems” so much slower. If I could just wave a wand I would go make to Windows 7 will stand alone LR. I think of ways to show the performance differences but I don’t have that kind of time. What kills me is Adobe pays for people to be doing this.

    Another big issue that I have is when I am mobile/onsite and my LR CC can’t connect. It nearly freezes LR. I have gone into task manager and forced any CC apps running in the background to stop and it has almost instant speed results.

    Too much to type about beyond that. We should talk on the phone about it.

    I am just really really hoping that the engineers at Adobe get so hammered with customer complaints that they are forced spend the time to analyze the core issues at play and fix all this mess…. S#%$! just get it back to where it was!

    Comment by: George on: May 12, 2016 at: 4:54 pm

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